Saturday, May 17, 2008

10 reasons why I love my bathroom

We live in a condo in Key West, and there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms that are just about the exact same size. When we moved in, we had the awesome idea to have a girls bathroom and a boys bathroom. After 8 years of marriage and getting in each others' way every morning, it has totally been one of the best ideas we've ever had. I highly recommend it. Here are the 10 reasons I personally love having a girls bathroom and a boys bathroom:

10. We no longer crawl all over each other trying to get ready in the morning.
9. Our razors don't get mixed up.
8. He likes his one bottle of shampoo and one bar of soap; I like my three bottles of hair stuff and numerous shower gels.
7. (This goes along with #8) After running out of soap, Sam no longer smells like a fruity Victoria's Secret flower because he doesn't use my shower gels. He just gets out a new bar of manly man soap.
6. If the TP is out, whose fault is that? Now we can only blame ourselves.
5. When guests come, we have at least one clean bathroom. (You can decide which one that is.)
4. Boys clean their toilet, girls clean their toilet. Aka you mess it up, you clean it up.
3. If you want to leave clothes all over the floor, go ahead. If you want a neat bathroom, great. You get to decide.
2. The literature is so much more interesting.
1. Boys clean their toilet, girls clean their toilet. Aka you mess it up, you clean it up. (I can't stress how great this is!)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Beach Pics

We like going to the beach as much as possible, and we try to go on our day off. Sometimes this is in the middle of the week which feels a little weird. "It is Wednesday, and we are just hanging out at the ocean." So not corporate America, which is fine with me. Sam and I went snorkeling in Mexico and loved it, so we've gotten into the snorkeling thing here. Nicholas comes along since the water isn't deep, and he likes to ask what's in the water. (He's not quite into going under water yet.) We usually go from the land out to the rocks (pictured), and then crawl around on the rocks. There are some really cool fish hanging out there! Sam grew up hiking in Utah and wanted to do that with his kids, except he didn't realize that our "hiking" would be a little different!

Life with a 4 year old

This has got to be one of the funniest pictures I've taken of Pickle. He only wears a shirt and underwear around the house, so that's not new. But to add the swim float and dancing frogs? Priceless if you ask me. I'm saving this one for the senior graduation slide show.


Key West has a really cool Butterfly Conservatory, so we had to check it out last week. When you walk in the room, it's like you're in a butterfly snow globe! There are thousands of real butterflies flying all around you. The butterflies love the humidity, so I felt like I was in Austin. (split second boo hoo I miss Austin) I think this is one of our favorite places in Key West (either that or I am just getting a little tired of all the pirate museums!).


Library story time day is a highlight in our house. Nicholas is a squirmin' worm until we get there. Last week our craft project was making our own bubble wands. Nicholas chose to make a circle and a triangle. We went outside to see how well pipe cleaners hold up to homemade soap and three year olds. Also pictured is our friend Lily Rose who has the sweetest little voice I have ever heard!

Key West

So since we live so close to the beach, we usually go once a week. Our favorite beach is close to the "edge of the world" - basically all of the cruise ships, military boats, and anyone going to the Caribbean pass us on their way out. I'm still getting used to being so close to other parts of the world since I've lived inland for so long. Key West seems to have an identity crisis...Am I America, am I a third world country, are there any rules here at all? It's basically a melting pot of people, food, cultures and yes, well, pot. So many people come into our store each day from any country you can think of - Brazil (which makes Sam's day!) Japan, Holland, Scotland (yea James McAvoy!), England, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Italy, France, etc. I feel a little...what's the word...selfish? Self-centered? I haven't bothered to learn other languages or travel out of my little world enough to go to these other countries and visit. And so many of these people are coming in and speaking English to me. I need to broaden myself a little more I think. "Yo hablo un poquito espanol" isn't quite cutting it anymore!