Thursday, May 1, 2008

Key West

So since we live so close to the beach, we usually go once a week. Our favorite beach is close to the "edge of the world" - basically all of the cruise ships, military boats, and anyone going to the Caribbean pass us on their way out. I'm still getting used to being so close to other parts of the world since I've lived inland for so long. Key West seems to have an identity crisis...Am I America, am I a third world country, are there any rules here at all? It's basically a melting pot of people, food, cultures and yes, well, pot. So many people come into our store each day from any country you can think of - Brazil (which makes Sam's day!) Japan, Holland, Scotland (yea James McAvoy!), England, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Italy, France, etc. I feel a little...what's the word...selfish? Self-centered? I haven't bothered to learn other languages or travel out of my little world enough to go to these other countries and visit. And so many of these people are coming in and speaking English to me. I need to broaden myself a little more I think. "Yo hablo un poquito espanol" isn't quite cutting it anymore!