Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beth and Her Boys

After years of "not getting with the times" in the world of blogging, we finally decided to start our own blog. Because I'm the "DAD," I took it upon myself to bring my little fam into the 21st century....Here's goes:

A little background....In September, we moved from our home in Austin, TX to Saratoga Springs, Utah on a "feeling." Within two weeks, we heard about an awesome company called Del Sol, and to make a long story short, Sam was offered a position to work in Key West, FL. In January, on Sam's first day of training at the corporate offices in Utah, he drove his car through a blizzard and three feet of snow - a commute that should have taken 20 minutes and ended up lasting 2 HOURS. Key West never looked so good, and we knew we were making the right move! What a difference a few thousand miles makes!

Sam is really enjoying his work with Del Sol ( He is the manager of a very busy but profitable store. He went through two months of training and was recently given the keys to the store. Sam enjoys meeting the tourists that come through the store and hopes that they at least buy a shirt...or seven. The place keeps him busy, and he is never bored.

Sam just turned 30 on April 4th. He enjoys all the new aches and pains of this magical age. He lately has enjoyed all the "old jokes" along with what he calls "The Crazies" that come with the 30's. Honestly half the time he forgets that he is 30, which may also come with his new age.

Beth also had her birthday on February 10th. We celebrated her birthday this year with a Key Lime pie instead of a birthday cake. She recently cut her hair short. In Sam's words, "She looks hot!" Beth says that's why she did it....she was "hot" in Key West. She is also working in the store with Sam. Sam hired her not only because of her brains but also because she is super sweet to the customers. She loves to people watch - especially tourists, as well as shopping in all of the stores along Duval Street. Most of all, Beth loves to go to the beach and spend time with "Pickle" (Nicholas). Beth is excited about living here and is always looking for new things to do around town.

Nicholas just turned four! He still loves his Thomas the Tank Engine, Diego, Dora the Explorer and the famous Sponge Bob. He loves to go to the library for story time and the train table. Nicholas has met many friends, especially a new friend, Hal, from Jackson, WY. The two play at the library and the beach and feed off of each others' "enthusiasm" (aka screaming and acting silly). He is always coming up with new things to say. The other day he asked Beth, "Mom are you happy or sad?" Beth said that she was sad because she had to go to work and could not be with Nicholas. Nicholas responded with "Don't worry mom, if you work hard you will be happy." Words of wisdom from our little munchkin.

We are all enjoying our time in Key West. We look forward to sharing our experiences in paradise while some of you continue to freeze in the snow. All joking aside, we really do miss our friends and family and hope all is well with you. PLEASE COME VISIT!!

Lots of Love,

Sam, Beth and Nicholas

Here are some other pictures:

Sunset over Key West

Beth and her new hairstyle

Nicholas and Beth

Beth's oldest boy!

Beth's youngest boy!


Hepworths said...

Awww, what a great update! I had no idea you were in FL now. I heard you were in UT, but I didn't know you had moved on to sunny FL! I love your new 'do also. You look Fab!

KLo said...

So stinkin cute! I'm totally excited that you have a blog! I'm a new blogger too! We want to visit!!!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Hey guys you look good. Beth, your hair looks really good. I don't think you ever had it that short, but I bet it is pretty easy. We miss your family a lot. Looks like you are having fun and I wish I was at the beach as well. Love, Jae

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...
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Shannon B said...

OOHHHHHH my I am soooo glad you have a blog!!!!!! WOW, I can't believe how far away you guys are now! I am sooo jealous you live in Florida!!! So go see our blog at Sounds like you are doing great and Nicholas is ADORABLE!!!!! Lets keep in contact more now with these blogs! CUTE HAIR BETH and really cute blog!

Summer said...

Yea! My sister has a blog! I'm not the only one in the family anymore!!!!Come see me! NOW!!!!!!!!

Em said...

Yay, I'm so glad you have a's such a great way to keep connected! (my blog is the hair, Beth! It looks great.

Reeta said...

Hey, I have had a blog for at least 3 years now. I am excited to see more of the Delis Family! Now we need to get you on Facebook! BTW, I want to see more pics of your cute new hair!

Katie said...

Beth!! I love your blog. You look so wonderful!!! Send me an email so I can add you to our blog-we set it to private.
How are you liking FL?

The Lemon Family said...

Holy Canoli...welcome to the 21st century. Dang we miss you guys.

the daniels said... your blog. As a matter of fact, you inspired me to set up a blog for our family. So I did. Unfortunately I can't figure out for the life of me how to add anything to the blog. If you want to see our blog, it is
ps love the haircut!!!!!!!!

The Lemon Family said...

ok, so jeremy posted earlier...i just told jeremy now we have an excuse to go visit florida hope you all have room!!!! it is so good to see pictures of y'all we miss you every Dec 18 i always wonder how mad sam would be if i had your # and gave you call to wish us a happy anniversay :)

ps jeremy started our blog but who do you think up keeps it?

Mary said...

Hi, Beth! Your new home in Florida looks like paradise. It's good to hear your family is doing well and enjoying life, can't wait to hear more about the Keys.