Sunday, November 16, 2008

So the word is out....

We are expecting baby #2!

I am due in April, and things are moving along well! Nicholas is super excited to be a brother, and he likes to tell everyone he sees that "Mommy has a baby in her tummy." He likes to ask lots of questions and make name suggestions. The names aren't necessarily real, or ones we'll pick (why would I name my baby Sponge Bob?), but he loves being part of the naming process. Nicholas would like a sister, I am happy with a boy or girl, and Sam says it would be good if we have another boy since we already have all the clothes. We're hoping to find out what we are having because it makes planning a lot easier.

I am 18 weeks along. I'm not too sick anymore as long as I eat immediately when I wake up, and I go to bed before 10. I do have some crazy pregnancy symptoms, though:

Things that make me sick:
1. The color pink. Of course, this is my favorite color, and I have a lot of clothes this color. Too bad.

2. Palm trees blowing in the wind. This is because of the heavy morning sickness during hurricane season.

3. The words Florida, Keys, Florida Keys, Key West.

4. Black and Kidney Beans

5. McDonald's. Ugh

6. Ketchup and BBQ sauce. This is a big deal since I love ketchup on everything, and BBQ sauce is a staple to Texans.

7. Milk products

8. Pickles

I haven't really craved many things...I just think about what I want to eat, and once I decide what won't make me sick, then I have to have it right then. Afterwards, I can't have it again for a few days. No leftovers more than once.

Sam says that I am forgetting more than usual, and he says that I have been saying some things incorrectly in sentences. (I totally disagree, though. I blame it on "guy listening" which he has always suffered from.) The little muffin is kicking lightly, and Sam actually got to feel it the other night when I was very still. It was really cool. So yea! We're on our way!


Grace and Nicholas got to spend Halloween together this year. We took the kids to our library for a fun Halloween party. That night, the church had a trunk-or-treat to kick off the night of candy frenzy. Everyone then took to the streets of Key West in a big group and had a blast. Nicholas needed help carrying his bag by the end, and since he only really likes the lollipops, Sam and I were obligated to help him get rid of the rest. Summer and Brent, I mean Grace, made a haul, too. That little girl is so cute, people gave her a ton of candy, even though she is only 7 months old and can't eat any of it. Brent and Summer had fun helping her eat what she couldn't.

Nicholas wore his costume to the Library party for 5 full minutes, which is a big deal! Every year Sam and I struggle getting his costume on him, even though Nicholas has picked out what he'll wear. We usually have a small wrestling match 3 minutes before we walk out the door to trick or treat, and the costume is off the second we walk back in the door. (I guess I don't have to complain about being one of those moms whose kid wears the full costume to the grocery store in the middle of June.) This year I thought things would be different because he tried on the whole Thomas costume in the toy store BEFORE we bought it - he beamed and smiled and wanted to buy it immediately. I was a little surprised that he didn't want to wear it all the time, but Nicholas has never been that way. No dress up for him. Sam is glad about that, and I'm glad for E-bay. I'll just put Thomas up for sale next year - Worn Once. Practically Brand New

Disney World!

Summer, Brent, and Grace came to visit for a week, and we met them in Orlando at Disney World! What a great day. Nicholas LOVED riding the roller coasters and cried every time he got off...he wanted to go again and again. Sam and I were amazed that he is tall enough to go on the big rides (our baby is growing up!). Nicholas did not want to meet any Disney characters, though. He was too afraid! Scary roller coasters - no problem. Favorite Disney characters in person - freaky.

Because of the little muffin on the way, I stayed off some of the rides and got to spend some quality bonding time with Gracie. What a sweetie. I just love her! There were some rides I could go on (yea!), and it was fun to go with Nicholas and see Disney World through his eyes. It was also a blast to go with Brent and Summer and remember the times when Summer and I went growing up.

The day began and ended with a treat, too. Breakfast at Chik-Fil-A and Dinner at Sonic. These are two places I totally miss - there are NONE anywhere near us.