Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disney World!

Summer, Brent, and Grace came to visit for a week, and we met them in Orlando at Disney World! What a great day. Nicholas LOVED riding the roller coasters and cried every time he got off...he wanted to go again and again. Sam and I were amazed that he is tall enough to go on the big rides (our baby is growing up!). Nicholas did not want to meet any Disney characters, though. He was too afraid! Scary roller coasters - no problem. Favorite Disney characters in person - freaky.

Because of the little muffin on the way, I stayed off some of the rides and got to spend some quality bonding time with Gracie. What a sweetie. I just love her! There were some rides I could go on (yea!), and it was fun to go with Nicholas and see Disney World through his eyes. It was also a blast to go with Brent and Summer and remember the times when Summer and I went growing up.

The day began and ended with a treat, too. Breakfast at Chik-Fil-A and Dinner at Sonic. These are two places I totally miss - there are NONE anywhere near us.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

How Fun! We just got back from Disneyland with Jason's parents. They take the kids when they are
5. The two kids had a blast.

Emily said...

How fun! We are hoping to take our kids to DL in February!
ps-I love your hair