Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Grandma Laura, Papa Sam,
and Nicholas

Sam, Big Sam, Laura, Kim, and Jake
at the White House

Nicholas (and train, of course)
in front of the Washington Monument

People, this is not a joke. It is a real post! We are alive and doing well...we've just spent a little time off the internet "air waves" or whatever. I don't have too many excuses for not posting for so long; just the usual busy summer, trips, hurricane evacuations, and work. But things are getting back to a normal pace, and I'd love to catch you up! Here are our updates:

In July, Nicholas and I went to Texas. We had a wonderful time seeing friends and family. My sister, Reeta, our friend, Latina, and I threw a baby shower for my other sister, Summer and her sweet little Grace. Thanks to Facebook, there were people at the shower that we hadn't seen in years! Nicholas enjoyed playing with his cousins Claire, Grace, Annie Jane and Bryce. It was nice to visit with Grandma Betsy and Papa Robbie. Nicholas misses you! Papa Ben, Grandma Carol, and Uncle Corbin were a lot of fun and great hosts! We love their new home, and it was fun to decorate for my mom. We can't wait to come again soon!

In August, we had our first Key West visitors! Sam's mom and dad came from Salt Lake City to soak up some sun and some grandson time. It was fun showing them around, going to the beach, eating yummy food, and getting out of town. We took a day trip to Miami so Sam and his dad could catch a Miami Dolphins game, and Nicholas, Grandma Laura and I hit the mall. It was hard to see them go - we loved having the Delises here!

The week after Sam's parents left, hurricane season came in full swing. We prepared for Tropical Storm Fay like it was Armageddon, only to find out that the storm wasn't too big of a deal in the Keys...just like a Texas rain storm. It got worse for others north of us, so we felt lucky. As each new storm came, and the media set up camp in Key West, we found ourselves surprisingly disappointed. The storms would either turn just in time or pass us all together. We felt very blessed that nothing worse than a little flooding around town happened here. Thank you, everyone, who called, e-mailed, and prayed for us! We really appreciate your concern for us!

In September, Sam's dad received a call from the White House inviting him and his immediate blood relatives to attend a speech President Bush was giving at the White House on volunteering. Sam Sr. received an award from the President two years before for his volunteer efforts during Hurricane Katrina. Although Nicholas and I weren't able to go to the speech, we all went to Washington DC to spend time with Sam's parents, brother and sister, and cousins. Sam and his family had an awesome time at the White House. We had wonderful trip seeing all the sites: The War Memorials, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, The National Archives, Museum of Art, and the Space Museum. I also got to see the Washington DC LDS temple where my parents were married -- so beautiful! Sam's cousins are so awesome...thanks for a terrific time, Tina and Jim! And thank you, Sam and Laura, for the awesome trip!

Nicholas started school when we got back from DC. He is in Pre-K and loves his class and his teacher Ms. Chris. Nicholas likes to play on the playground, play with blocks, and is learning to write letters. (Nicholas also wants you to know that he likes books and playing with puzzles.)

Work is going well for Sam. We have some new interns and will be getting two more within the next few days. Sam hired our local friend Richard, as well, and he kicks butt in the store. The tourist scene has slowed a bit for the season, but October will bring back a lot of business, so we are looking forward to it. Bring it on.

So, that's us in a nutshell for now. Things are good, we are well, and we still would love to have visitors!


Summer said...

Bought time!!!!

steph said...

ha ha i like how you just throw in hurrican season with all the normal mundane reasons not to blog!

The Lemon Family said...

so nice to know that you all haven't fallen off the face of the earth...i think that is really awsome that sam got to go to the white house

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

You are alive. Glad you have survived hurricane season. Your trip to DC looks fun. Hope all is well. Love you!!!!

Bingham Bunch said...

Hooray! You're back! I'm glad you have survived the hurricanes. What a fun trip to Washington D.C.! Everyone looks fabulous! Post lots more!

Amanda said...

I was starting to worry about you! I am so glad ya'll are having fun in Key West, I love key west. I am supremely jealous of your visit to DC, I have always wanted to go. How fun for your family. Tell Sam hi for us, and keep blogging!

Nino said...

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