Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July KW Style

Nicholas on the beach

Beth and Sam

Nicholas and Daddy

While waiting for the show,
Nicholas did what he does best:
plays with his trains.

By the way, the whole matchy matchy red shirt
thing was really a coincidence! It was not planned!

Happy Fourth of July! (Happy Birthday to my cousin, Stephanie, too!) We went to a local beach to watch the fireworks, and it was so cool to see the different colors reflect on the water. About a hundred boats lined up in the ocean to watch from the water, and often people on the boats and on the land shot off their own fireworks while we waited for the big show.
Being near the water brought back so many memories of when I was a little girl. I'd go with my family to Town Lake in Austin, TX, and the fireworks were so close that I thought they'd land on me! I was pretty terrified of them for a few years! Eventually I realized they couldn't get me, and now they are my favorite part of the 4th festivities.
It was fun to watch the fireworks through Nicholas' eyes, too. He really enjoyed them and would comment on each one (Did you see that Mama?). I loved looking over at him laying on Sam's chest to watch. (I'd get in my mom's lap to watch them when I was his age.) It was like time was copying itself!
So here are a few pictures of our Fireworks show in Key West. Even though we feel so far away from everyone, it was really cool to celebrate with so many others from all over the country. It reminded me that no matter where you are in America, you are home.

P.S. If you listen closely, you can hear Nicholas say at the end, "Now we can go home!" So silly.


Montana Wilkins said...

Sound like so much fun! The fireworks must have been spectacular because they look that way even on a tiny little bog video. Except when I was watching I had to pause it and calm my Rebecca down about half way through. I forgot how noise sensitive babies are!

Summer said...

Love the red! See you Wednesday!

Mist said...

You guys are so cute. What a darling family. I loved all of your pictures. The firework video was fun my kids wanted to watch it over and over.It looks like you are having a great summer!

Katie said...

Look how tan you guys are!!!! Cute family pictures. :)

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

How fun Beth. It is fun to see stuff through your childrens eyes. I miss you! Janae is in town and I am going to see her tomorrow and I am so exctied.

Anonymous said...

I found you!

the daniels said...

Have you read "Breaking Dawn" yet? I am dying to, but must wait. AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!!

the daniels said...

You know what I just realized? We both went from the middle of the alphabet to the beginning of the alphabet when we got married to our spouses. That means we must be BFFs!!!!

Bingham Bunch said...

All of you look fantastic! I can't believe how big Nicholas looks. What a handsome guy! How fun to see your faces again....miss ya!

TrishaJo said...

Oh my! Look who found your blog! I miss you guys and Key West!