Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We have the sweetest new addition to our family: Jackson

He is so wonderful. I am in LOVE with this boy. My heart melts every time he smiles at me. Jackson was born April 14th at a healthy 9 lbs 9 oz. (Small compared to his brother!) Jackson has continued to grow fast and strong. What a sweet boy.

Jackson loves to watch everything Nicholas does. Just saying the word "Nicholas" gets Jackson excited. They play together like there isn't an age difference. Nicholas is so good with him and is such a great helper. Maybe there's something to this "having your kids five years apart." We'll see!

Now that he's 7 months, Jackson is starting to crawl. He has his own version - it's a combination of doing The Worm and looking like a frog. He hasn't figured out that you only have to move one knee at a time...it doesn't matter much to him anyway - he is so fast!

There are two teeth in that sweet smile of his - both on the bottom. I think another is coming because the drooling and runny nose are in full swing. I let him chew on cold baby carrots to keep his mouth from hurting. He loves it.

Our little guy is quite the traveler - well, for his age. He's driven from Austin to Orlando, and Orlando to Houston and back. Jackson's also flown to Salt Lake City to see Grandma and Grandpa Delis for Aunt Kim's wedding. Next maybe Key West to visit some friends? Hopefully.


Sara Gibson said...

Congrats you guys, he is such a beautiful little boy!

Bobbie Jo said...

Oh Beth he is so sweet. Enjoy him while you can they grow up so fast.

Bingham Bunch said...

My blog is going private...send me a request!